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Artist Spotlight: Rajiv Dhall


The spotlight is shining bright on Singer- songwriter, multi-instrumentalist Rajiv Dhall. Also under his belt of accomplishments becoming 2016 Winner of I Heart Radio Music Video Awards “Fan Fave Vine Musician Award.” Rajiv Began uploading solo cover songs to YouTube and eventually gathered a large online following. Here is what Rajiv had to share exclusively with Tune Licensing.

Licensing 101: Composition Vs Sound Recording


Every song has two sides: the music & lyrics and the sound recording.

Artist Spotlight: Lauren Sanderson


From writing in journals to TED talks and beyond. Lauren is a multi-talented professional who sings, writes songs, and creates short films. We sat down with Lauren and asked her a few questions about her talents and where she gets her inspiration.

Licensing 101: Public Domain


This week we’re introducing Licensing 101, a short blog series dedicated to educating our Artists about some of the legal elements involved with music licensing. This month, our topic is Public Domain. Disclosure, this information pertains to US Copyright Law and some specifics may not remain true in other territories around the world.

Artist Spotlight: Jess + Gabriel


Jess and Gabriel Conte are social media celebrities, accomplished cover musicians, and satisfied TuneLicensing customers, recording under the name Jess + Gabriel. We sat down to discuss what inspires them and how they create their art.

The Cost of Penalties vs. Licensing


You laced the track and locked the flow, we got the license and it's good to go.

Do I Need A Separate License To Stream My Cover?


Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music. What to know before you stream.