Artist Spotlight: Rajiv Dhall

Published at: 01/30/2018



The spotlight is shining bright on Singer- songwriter, multi-instrumentalist Rajiv Dhall. Also under his belt of accomplishments becoming 2016 Winner of I Heart Radio Music Video Awards “Fan Fave Vine Musician Award.” Rajiv Began uploading solo cover songs to YouTube and eventually gathered a large online following. Here is what Rajiv had to share exclusively with Tune Licensing.


1.       What inspired you to start playing music?

I was inspired to play music by the punk rock bands I listened to growing up. I always wanted to be on stage with a guitar. My biggest inspiration was always Blink 182, I just loved how much fun they had while still making awesome music. 

2. Is there a story behind any of the songs you chose to cover?

Most of my covers came from just being really into a specific song. I’m a huge fan of pop music and I listen to it constantly. What usually happens is I get obsessed with whatever song it is and I just want to make my own version and reimagine the original track.

3. What are some of your favorite songs at the moment?

I’ve been very into the new Camila Cabello album. Her songwriting is super cool and the songs are all so big. I’ve also been super into Post Malone and Nothing lately. 

4. What cover song is next on your list to release?

I haven’t picked my newest cover just yet! There’s been a TON of great new music coming out lately so I’m excited to pick the next song to remake. 

5. What is the importance of obtaining a mechanical license for cover songs?

It’s SUPER important to obtain a license for cover songs. For one, it is someone else’s song so they should properly compensated for creating it. Second, it’s not worth the headache and potential legal issues to skip the licensing procedure. In my opinion a legal battle would be much more expensive than a cheap license. 

6. Why did you choose Tunelicensing? How was your experience using Tunelicensing?

I’ve always been a Tunecore user so when I saw Tunelicensing for the first time I was super excited. Tune Licensing makes it super easy for you to register your covers and release them. Other platforms of obtaining licenses seem to be a pretty difficult process. 

7. Anything you wish to share with your fans about who you are and what you do?



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