Artist Spotlight: Lauren Sanderson

Published at: 12/01/2017

 From writing in journals to TED talks and beyond.

Lauren is a multi-talented professional who sings, writes songs, and creates short films. We sat down with Lauren and asked her a few questions about her talents and where she gets her inspiration.

1.  What inspired you to start singing and creating music?

I think I’ve always really liked inspiring people to express themselves limitlessly. Making music has been one of the ways I have been able to express that myself, while inspiring people through lyrics as well.

2. Most of the artists we work with only perform cover songs, but you have original songs and even short films. Can you tell us about your songwriting and these original short films?

Growing up, I had a lot of journals. I wrote like every night. At first, it was just daily entries about what went on in my life. As I got to be like 8 or 9, I started writing poems, then after high school is when I started taking the inspiration stuff seriously. I started doing my short films, I got to do a Ted Talk in 2015 and started speaking at a few schools. A lot of this stuff just wasn't expressive enough for me — I couldn't say whatever I wanted, wear whatever I wanted, cuss whenever I wanted. That’s when I was kinda like, okay let’s make this my own thing. So I started turning my motivational poems and journal entries into songs and here we are.

3. What are some of your favorite songs at the moment or what song would you like to cover in the future?

I super duper love Blackbear — I could see myself covering something off his most recent album, Digital Druglord, with an acoustic twist probably.

4. What do you draw inspiration from creatively? Are there any artists that really influence your music and style?

Honestly, I’m super inspired all the time.  My inspiration, though, doesn’t really come from one main artist I follow or even a specific genre. I think I’m just really inspired by anybody that does their own thing, regardless of the amounts of plays/likes/followers they get in return. So many people get caught up in this game of competition when it comes to style, fashion, tours, etc. I just like artists who wake up and want to make art for themselves and do it their own way loud and proud.

5. What is the importance of obtaining a mechanical license for cover songs?

Unless you wanna get sued, you better get that license.

6. Why did you choose TuneLicensing? How was your experience using TuneLicensing?


You guys were the first people to come up on Google, so I thought you must be good. Outcome: Outstanding.