Royalty Solutions

Royalty Solutions, a royalty and licensing services company whose mission is to provide comprehensive and accurate royalty processing and licensing for record labels and music publishers seeking to minimize overhead and maximize time.

Royalty Solutions recently partnered with Tunecore to create  a service to provide Tunecore’s artist base with a quick and easy mechanical licensing solution for cover songs that are to be distributed online in the form of digital downloads. In addition to the usual limited license that most services offer, Royalty Solutions also offers the option to purchase a Standard License, affording the artist the opportunity to license their cover song in perpetuity and never have to worry about having to re-license or stop distribution after a certain quantity has been reached. In essence, this unique option provided by Royalty Solutions allows the artist to focus on their music while Royalty Solutions takes care of the research, licensing, tracking, and accounting of their songs.

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